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Tweak Ubuntu 17.10 to Make It Feel Like Home

I recently switched from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 17.10, which has ditched Unity in favor of Gnome 3. However, by default, the interface is not very friendly nor familiar for long-time Windows users. Here is what I did to make it feel like home – to me, at least.

I know there are themes that mimic Windows 10’s appearance but I wanted a more “genuine” Gnome experience without changing my habbits too much. I am quite satisfied with the result so I wanted to share it here.

First, I installed Dash to Panel, an icon taskbar which replicates KDE and Windows 7’s taskbar. It also removes the top bar, which I did not like. I configured it to put the clock at the right of the menu, like in Windows, I disabled the Activities button and enabled the Desktop button (click at the right extremity to show desktop).

To recreate the “Start” menu, I used Arc Menu, positionned on the left and mapped to “Super” (Windows key).

From there, I installed some other extensions:

Then, I installed the Paper icon theme:

sudo apt-get install paper-*-theme

And finally, the Arc theme:

sudo apt-get install arc-theme

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